Choose from a huge selection of stone pavers for driveways, patios, walkways, and more applications.
We have paved the way since 1997, supplying projects from small 100 sf patios to 10,000 sf commercial use lots and residential driveways.

Stone Pavers Collections

Traditional Stone Pavers

You likely see these traditional-style pavers ever day – think of your standard clay-brick or concrete paver. Sizes typically run from 4×8 to 9×9, square or rectangular, and are generally an excellent choice for driveways, patios, walkways – almost anything.

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Manufactured Stone

Camelot Pavers

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Manufactured Stone

Blu 80mm Pavers

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Manufactured Stone

Brussels Pavers

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Manufactured Stone

Allegro Pavers

Slab Pavers

Go big and bold with slab pavers. Slab pavers are larger than traditional pavers and come in attractive patterns and finishes. These pavers work especially well for patios and pool decks.


Manufactured Stone

Inca Pavers

Manufactured Stone

Aberdeen Pavers

Manufactured Stone

Blu 60mm Pavers

Manufactured Stone

Urbana Pavers

Manufactured Stone

Umbriano Pavers

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Manufactured Stone

Nantucket Pavers

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Specialty Pavers

Our selection of specialty pavers is out of this world! From pavers that resemble natural stone and wood, to irregular shapes, these pavers are sure to add uniqueness to your property.

Permeable Pavers

Permeable pavers are specially made pavers that fit together in herringbone, basket weave or other patterns, leaving open space for eco-friendly water permeability. The openings, called voids, are filled with gravel or grass, which allow rainwater – even heavy rainfall – to soak into the earth. Permeable Pavers expand surfaces often times when other products are not allowed.

Circle Pavers

Circle Pavers are designed to achieve a circular or fan-like appearance for your patio or driveway. These types of pavers are ideal for a grand central area of your patio or a firepit.

$499.00 /PT

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