stone pavers driveways

Choose from a huge selection of stone pavers for driveways, patios, walkways, and more applications. We have paved the way since 1997, supplying projects from small 100 sf patios to 10,000 sf commercial use lots and residential driveways.

Paver Types

You likely see these traditional-style pavers every day – think your standard clay-brick or concrete paver. Sizes typically run from 4×8 to 9×9 square and rectangular and are generally an excellent choice for driveways, patio’s, walkways – almost anything.
Go big bold with slab pavers. Slab pavers are larger than traditional pavers and come in attractive patterns and finishes. These pavers work especially well for patios and pool decks.
Irregular pavers provide a more rustic, natural feel with their jagged edges. A unique choice for walkways or patios.
With their long lengths and clean edges, plank pavers are sure to impress. Many are finished to resemble wood boards and are often used around pools and gardens.
A circular paver layout can make your driveway or patio much more interesting. We offer circle paver packs for easy layout and installation.
For areas where drainage can be an issue, green pavers have you covered. These pavers allow rainwater to properly filter through the ground, rather than run directly into streams and ponds. As an added benefit, they require minimal maintenance.

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