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We’ve got plenty in stock and are always adding more! We do bulk and special orders too – just give us a call.

Stonewood Products Beach Pebbles Collection

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As one of the leading suppliers of Mexican beach pebbles, we are happy to work with any project, big or small.
We offer a huge selection of top-quality Mexican beach pebbles at wholesale prices that are available for pickup or for delivery across the Northeast.

Mexican beach pebbles are well known for their smooth texture and natural look. Just like reclaimed wood, years of being in the elements has crafted each one individually. Our beach pebbles are available for purchase in sizes up to 5″ in diameter. The best seller is our blue-gray tone that will look charcoal or black when it gets wet.

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Derived from the ocean, beach pebbles are a natural fit for water features like waterfalls, ponds, slides, and pools.

Place beach pebbles under fences or along the foundation for a great home accent feature.

The most popular use for beach pebbles is within walkways, pathways, and terraces.

Make your own zen rooftop garden in any city with our beach pebbles.

Many people use these for under our shower kits for a great look and natural drain support.

Adorn your garden area with these pebbles to enhance the overall feel.

Beach pebbles are an excellent pragmatic solution for drainage.