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Sawyer Mason Prefinished Oiled Wide Plank Flooring

Structured UV-Oiled Collection

Wide Plank Hardwood Flooring

We now offer the Sawyer Mason collection, which combines the beauty of wide plank flooring with UV-finishing and a thick wear layer. This UV-oiled collection offers the convenience of prefinished plank flooring with the benefits of long lengths, easy maintenance, and a beautiful matte finish.

What is Structured Flooring?

With the construction of a hardwood core and filets individually placed perpendicular to the length of the plank, structured flooring provides maximum stability for your wood flooring. Add the benefits of a matte oiled finish with the beauty of wide boards, and it’s no surprise this is a customer favorite.

Widths: Available in 5.75″ -16″+ (varies per style)
Lengths: 6′-10′ (varies per style)
Finish: Hard Matte UV-Cured Oil
Thickness: 13/16″ with 6mm Wear Layer

 Installation Instructions  |   Care & Maintenance  |   Limited Warranty

The Complete Collection

Hardwood Flooring

Structured Wide Plank | Fogg

$6.95 /SF

Hardwood Flooring

Structured Wide Plank | Soho

$7.49 $6.05
Special Order
$7.49 $6.95

New Colors!

Two new Ports!

We are now offering two new floors that will add new hues to our Sawyer Mason hardwood structured wide plank flooring collection.

Newport, named after the coastal city famed for its nights in white, and Westport, a beautiful brown with greyish tones that matches any wide plank hardwood floor projects.

Just in!
Just in!
$6.95 /sf

Why UV-Oiled Finishes?

With UV oil finish, the oil penetrates the woods surface and provides a very rich appearance compared to other finishes. UV oil finish can offer a low gloss level that reflects a minimal amount of light (matte). This lack of gloss is helpful when it come to dents, dings, etc. Also, as the finish is thin and flexible, it is able to absorb impacts better. The finish is left intact to continue protecting the wood, rather than flaking away. Environmentally, its green, UV oil is made of VOC free solution and contains no solvents.

Repair. Ability.

One of the great features of UV Oil is the ease of repair. It’s as simple as wiping touch up oil on a cloth, rubbing it into the wood floor and allowing it to dry for 60 minutes. Oil finishes are great for commercial applications as well including restaurants, hotels, and convention centers. As we all know, it is natural wood and even very hard wood floors can ding and dent, however, with UV Oil finish the floor can look like new in short order.

Custom Milling

With Stonewood Products, we are happy to help with not only our amazing stock selection of UV oiled oak wide plank flooring, but can also work with you on any custom needs. As the most unique wood flooring distributor with a keen focus on service, we are here to help you achieve the look you want.

Custom Mill options include:

  • Custom Colors
  • Hand Scraping
  • Layered Effects
  • Tooled Edges