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For three decades, Stonewood Products has sourced the best quality stone from quarries around the world.

Our Select Stone Collection including porcelain, limestone, marbles and more, offers you durable pattern stone at prices you won’t find anywhere.

Installation is a breeze with our Select Stone. With thicknesses in a small range, these can be laid down quickly to save on costs and time.

If you’re looking for stone that is unique and stands out, this collection lends stones that are hard to find and offers a different look from varying colors and characteristics.

Whether its porcelain or marble or a quartzite, this stone collection can take your project to the next level in design.

patio stone

Stonewood Products offers the best selection of natural stone patio pavers. In addition to patios, pavers and flagging are the ideal stone for driveways, pool surrounds, walkways, and more – both residential and commercial. We have paved the way with our pavers for three decades, since 1997, supplying projects from small 100 sf patios to 10,000 sf commercial use lots, residential driveways and more.

101: Know your Stone

Get to know the differences in each stone type.

Depending on the application and design goal, each stone paver type has nuances that offers unique looks and aesthetics to your space.

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Granite Stone Pavers

Granite is strongest of all natural stones.
Granite stone is an “igneous” rock - once was molten and formed as it cooled within earth’s crust.

Granite is very dense, features high slip resistance, and has a crystalline structure that makes it more resistant to abrasions, stains and discolorations. It is one of the most popular stones worldwide and excellent for patios, pools, walkways, and more.

Marble Stone Pavers

Marble was once limestone that changed under intense heat and pressure, to alter its crystalline structure and introduce other minerals - these other minerals are what contribute to marble’s distinctive veining.

Marble is softer and more porous than granite. Marble Pavers keep certain areas of your outdoors cool because the heat quickly dissipates through the stone and it is also dense so it takes more energy to warm it up. Comes in many colors, patterns and textures, giving customers full design capabilities when matching it to exterior aesthetic.

Limestone Pavers

Limestone, as a sedimentary stone, made of sand, calcium carbonate, silt, and clay, is dense and more porous than marble. Limestone can be found in many places in the world, and here in the US predominantly Texas and the Mid West.

With insulating characteristics (will resist getting cold or hot), durability and texture, Outdoor Limestone Pavers are great for pools and patios. Offered in a range of colors from light cream to dark gray, this stone lends a lot to landscape design aesthetics.

Sandstone Pavers

Sandstone is one of the most common types of sedimentary stone formed in two phases, through sedimentary aggregation and compaction. These are done through geological pressure and the nature of chemical reactions.

Bluestone and Quartzite are examples of Sandstone pavers. Sandstone offer a wide range of colors and work well with all applications. Sandstone pavers will need some maintenance and treatment depending on the application.