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Manufactured Stone

MillStone Pavers

Boxed Beams Collection

Think outside the Box.
With no wood inside and the ability to shape over existing structures, Boxed Beams are great for many applications and look like regular beams.

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wood box beams

Ocean Stone Pavers :
The New Natural

Stonewood is proud to offer a brand new series made for those looking to take the next step for their poolside and patio experience.

Meet Ocean Sand and Ocean Blue.

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Ocean Blue Ocean Sand

Product Focus : Everblue Pavers

It is called “The New Bluestone”

More and more choose from the Evercore Paver Series with Everblue™ Pavers as a great alternative to bluestone.

The well known durability and natural look  of Everblue™ make it a perfect choice for many applications that call for the Bluestone look. It is installed in thousands of spaces from patios and pools to roof decks and walkways.

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ever blue paver

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