Thin Stone Veneer

We carry a huge selection of thin stone veneer for your interior and exterior projects for your walls, chimneys, fire pits, fireplaces, kitchens, and more.
Our specialists are here to help you pick the perfect natural thin stone veneer to match your design needs.

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Huge Selection of Styles & Colors

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Elevate your outdoor designs with our premium thin brick veneer.
Transform any space effortlessly with our easy-to-install solution, blending timeless aesthetics with modern convenience.


thin stone veneer


Round thin stone veneer has been the most popular pattern for all applications. With varying degrees of round cuts, it blends well with interior and exterior designs. Offered in many colors.


Ledgestone Pattern

Ledgestone stone veneer has a shape made up of narrower strips of natural stone. It is more structured looking and works with both contemporary and classic designs.

Square + Rectangle

Large fireplace patio

Square + Rectangle Pattern

Square & Rectangular (Sq & Rec) thin stone veneer is made up of square and rectangular custom cuts. This popular stone pattern gives a geometrically clean, but random look.


Stone waterfall into pool

Ashlar Pattern

Ashlar thin stone veneer is comparable to ledgestone stone veneer patterning, but with slightly longer stones. Because the stone face has been split, the natural hues of the stone’s grain are visible.


Mosaic Stone Veneer

Mosaic Pattern

Mosaic thin stone veneers are made up of a more random irregular cut that gives it an unpredictable yet somewhat repeatable pattern. This pattern works with most any home style and commercial design.

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