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Outdoor Shower Kits

Handcrafted on Cape Cod, these outdoor showers are great for any post-beach day rinse, or just because you want to be outside on a great day. Designed for easy assembly so you can save time and money, assemble your outdoor shower with just a screw gun, a few screws, a level, and a string you can have your own outdoor shower in a matter of hours.

These outdoor showers are constructed from top quality cedar tongue and groove – the perfect wood due to its durability against extreme weather and natural resistance to decay or durable and easy to maintan PVC.  Pick and choose customizable features from sizes to accessories. Order your outdoor shower today and be showering outside in no time!

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Shower Kit Models



Outdoor Living

Outdoor Shower | Standard House Mount Kit

Rated 4.60 out of 5
From: $999.00$899.00 /EA
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Outdoor Living

Outdoor Shower – Deluxe House Mount

Rated 5.00 out of 5
From: $1,249.00 /EA
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From: $1,050.00 /EA
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Outdoor Living

Outdoor Shower | Standard Free Standing

Rated 4.00 out of 5
From: $1,149.00 /EA
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Outdoor Living

Outdoor Shower – Deluxe Free Standing

Rated 5.00 out of 5
From: $1,799.00 /EA
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From: $1,249.00 /EA
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Outdoor Shower with Lattice
Privacy Roof
Privacy Roof


Shower Panel System
Shower Panel


cedar shower postExtra Posts Against House

cedar post cap
Post Cap


Outdoor Shower Enclosure Kit
Cedar Bench
Outdoor Shower Designs
Cedar Floor


Outdoor Shower IdeasExtra Long Posts

beach pebbles
Beach Pebbles
PVC Outdoor Shower KitPVC Kits


Q: What tools, etc do I need to quickly put up your outdoor showers kits?
A: A screw gun and a level are the only tools needed. All fasteners and hardware are included. We recommend getting one other person to help.

Q: “Should I mount the kit in the ground?”
A: House Mount Kits are screwed to the back of the house. Free Standing Kits are pretty heavy when assembled and typically don’t move once in place. If the wind is strong in your spot, you can use an angle bracket to secure the posts to your deck floor, or if on the ground, use the 1st foot of our 8’ posts dug into the ground with some quick setting concrete.

Q: How long do these take to put up?
A: Outdoor Shower Kit installations typically only take between 2 to 4 hours and are designed to be easy to assemble with only a few tools. If you have Bob Villa in the house, maybe less! We recommend one other person to help assist. 

Q: Do you ship your outdoor showers to Hawaii?
A: While we can ship an outdoor shower kit to Hawaii, we recommend that if you are outside of the Southern New England area that you purchase your kit through Cape Cod Shower Kits.

Q: Can I install a bench for the Standard Kit outdoor showers?
A: Yes, the bench is designed to work with all outdoor shower styles, and can be used as a shelf as well.

Q: What about the ground and drainage for outdoor showers? What do you suggest?
A: We offer an outdoor shower cedar floor that is designed with this in mind. You can also use stone pavers. As for drainage, each property is different but generally if you don’t have much soil, we recommend items like white marble chips or beach pebbles under the cedar floor panel.

Q: I love your outdoor showers kits but I want to add a few things. Can I alter mine?
A: Certainly! Outdoor Shower Kits can be bought a la carte or customized.

Q: Do you make your shower kits from anything other than cedar?
A: Yes! Cape Cod Shower Kits are now being manufactured in beautiful and durable PVC as well.

Q: Do you have Installation Guides?
A: Yes, installation guides are available for all shower kit models and the pergola top.

pdf-link Outdoor Shower Installation Guide (All Models)

pdf-link Pergola Top Installation Guide

Cedar Shower Kits vs PVC Shower Kits

Cedar vs. PVC

Built as sturdy as the cedar models, we now offer all shower kits as a complete PVC kit too! Both the original cedar and PVC kits are built with solid materials and include weather resistant fasteners to withstand Mother Nature no matter where you are. And both cedar and PVC kits are low maintenance and easy to clean.

What’s the difference? Elegant and Modern or Casual Cape Cod

While the original cedar kits will eventually fade to a natural Cape Cod gray over time, PVC kits will retain their original white coloring or can easily be painted to match your outdoor décor. Cedar kits have a characteristic knotty appearance to them, while the PVC kits are sleek and clear of knots.