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For three decades, Stonewood Products has been the partner of choice for reclaimed antique heart pine flooring. With a huge selection of reclaimed wood and the ability to fulfill projects with stock inventory as well as custom milling, we are happy to be part of many happy customers designs in thousands of homes and buildings across the country.

Martha Mills Collection

Our first reclamation project in this series produced one of our best selling reclaimed antique pine wood floors, which is installed in many homes across America. In the mill town of Thomaston, Georgia, Martha Mills produced many textiles including tire cord and yard. At the time of it’s construction, Martha Mills was one of the largest plants in the world!

Specs: 3/4″ Thick, Varying 4″-10″, Lengths up to 10′
Antique Heart Pine : Grade Choices
Naily offers a rustic board for those that love the look of a naily floor, an unmistakable characteristic of reclamation.
Select is our best seller lending nail holes, few knots, and matches many home designs.
Prime is a cleaner look for those who prefer the cleaner look of mostly tight grain heart pine wood flooring.
  Martha Mills Antique Heart Pine Collection 1pager (PDF)

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Tobacco Series Collection

Beam Sourced. Custom Milling.
The Tobacco Series Antique Heart Pine is a premier collection of reclaimed pine flooring milled from beams, moldings, and flooring. The nail holes are left from roofing nails that penetrated the boards which supported the ceiling joists of mills and old tobacco warehouses.

Choose your Style | Note: Special Order

Tobacco Naily
Do you like the Naily look of reclaimed heart pine? Look no further than our Naily Tobacco.

Tobacco Select
For an amazing reclaimed wood floor with few knots, go with the Tobacco Select.

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Stonewood Products Reclaimed Flooring

We Control the Process from Start to Finish.
The best sources for reclaimed antique heart pine are old buildings that provide an excellent harvest from both existing floors and beams. We are able to obtain different looks depending on the area of the building we use and mill down for reclaimed flooring.

Not only do we offer the most popular reclaimed heart pine floors as unfinished, we can provide you with pre-finished and engineered reclaimed antique pine flooring. Putting it over radiant heat? No problem. We will work with you.

Old Buildings. In America.
By being able to work at the beginning to the end product, we can offer many benefits and excellent prices. Furthermore, we can find you the right look you want from our many ongoing reclamation projects for reclaimed antique heart pine and reclaimed oak as well.

The Look: Beams versus Floors.
Our various antique heart pine floors have different styles depending on the part of the structure we reclaim from. A more character and naily reclaimed floor tends to be from the floors and outer parts of beams. Reclaimed Wood floors without nails are typically sourced from the deeper parts of those beams and flooring.

Reclaimed Wood has strength not found in newly sawn lumber.
The reclaimed wood from many buildings that we salvage from was a part of American forests for a long time….some for centuries. This antique wood gives us the unique ability to go back in time. We are able to repurpose this old antique heart pine from mills and factories into flooring, lumber, and other uses.

Reclaimed Wood is environmentally responsible and looks amazing.
When we reclaim the wood and mill it down for you, we are participating in green building. Reclaimed antique wood flooring is a beautiful addition to any home. As you can see, reclaimed wood makes some of the most beautiful wood flooring in the world!

reclaimed antique heart pine wood

Frequently Asked Questions

why wood flooring
We work direct…with the best mills.
At Stonewood Products, we are wood exploration professionals and only deal with mills that have high quality wood flooring that is principally from North America. Our team takes great pride in being able to offer you unique wood floors direct from only the best mills. Whether it is Wide Pine Flooring, Reclaimed Pine and Hardwoods, Common and Uncommon Hardwoods, and Exotics in Engineered and Solid, Un-finished and Pre-finished, Strip and Plank.

Our flooring inventory is unlike any other as we are constantly looking for great mills and wood flooring options that are hard to find and offer you an unparalleled selection. Stonewood Products wood flooring is based on quality and uniqueness where you can choose from new and traditional beautiful wood in many styles and grain presentations …. all at great prices.

wood flooring installation
INSTALLATION For acclimation, Hardwoods should sit in the house for up to 1 week for acclimation and Pine species from 1-2 weeks. Our flooring is all high quality directly sourced from mills and reclamation projects. We insure quality.

LOCAL DELIVERIES are sent by our fleet. Timing is depending on various factors including current schedule, weather, product availability, and destination. Our endeavor is get your wood flooring delivered within your preferred window that allows for the best logistics and order fulfillment.

LONGER DISTANCE DELIVERIES are typically sent by one of our trucks or a common carrier. Let us know about the specifics as some residential sites have restricted truck access where only smaller trucks can be used. We will help as best we can to meet your needs! For these deliveries, they will typically be “curbside” or “tailgate”, and you will need to help with the unloading and be present for the shipment. Again, we do our best to make convenient arrangements and help you get your flooring in the time you need.

OVERSEAS SHIPMENTS are sent via shipping containers and onto a ship. Once the wood arrives to the port of destination it’s the customer’s responsibility to make arrangements for pick up there.

Rubio Monocoat

Rubio Monocoat is an all natural, easy-to-apply wood finishing oil for indoor flooring applications.


  • Available in over 30 colors (including clear)
  • All Natural: Plant based, VOC-free, completely non-toxic
  • Quick-drying
  • Highly Durable
  • Low Maintenance

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