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Stonewood Products’ Prefinished UV Oiled Northern Hardwood Flooring

The look you have wanted but couldn’t quite ever do onsite.

Milled from North American (northern quality) hardwoods and finished with state of the art process utilizing UV finishing versus heat based finishing. Our UV Oiled Northern Collection offers the convenience of prefinished flooring with the benefits of long lengths, easy maintenance, and a beautiful matte finish.

Prefinished Mountain Grade Red Oak

Mountain Collection

Prefinished Mountain Grade Red Oak

Finished with Rubio and milled to long plank lengths in a rustic, mountain grade, this gorgeous pre-oiled Red Oak is stunning for any residential or commercial application.

Prefinished Matte Oil Finish – offered in 5″ widths, available in solid
Solid Specs: 3/4″ thick, 6′-8′ Random lengths

Heavy Sawn + Hardwoods

Why UV Oil?

With UV oil finish, the oil penetrates the woods surface and provides a very rich appearance compared to other finishes.

UV oil finish can offer a low gloss level that reflects a minimal amount of light (matte). This lack of gloss is helpful when it come to dents, dings, etc.  Also, as the finish is thin and flexible, it is able to absorb impacts better.

The finish is left intact to continue protecting the wood, rather than flaking away. Environmentally, its green, UV oil is made of VOC free solution and contains no solvents.


One of the great features of UV Oil is the ease of repair. It’s as simple as wiping touch up oil on a cloth, rubbing it into the wood floor and allowing it to dry for 60 minutes.

Oil finishes are great for commercial applications as well including restaurants, hotels, and convention centers. As we all know, it is natural wood and even very hard wood floors can ding and dent, however, with UV Oil finish the floor can look like new in short order.