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Build Your Outdoor Fireplace

Enhance your outdoor living space with a modular outdoor wood fireplace.
Our fireplaces feature a state of the art engineered modular design so that you save money and time. They are built to last and easy for contractors to assemble.

Great for entertaining, or for relaxing and staying warm by the fire. These fireplaces are a wonderful way to enjoy your family and friends and extend those evenings outdoors just a little longer.

Available with customizable options.
Choose from various sizes, stone veneers, and accessories to create the perfect outdoor fireplace for your home.

Build your Fireplace
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Outdoor Fire Pits

Outdoor Fireplace Kits

From: $2978

Ready to Finish.

Shop Now – Buy the Mods

We offer Modular systems that are ready to finish with
whatever materials you need.

Straight or Arched Models – Best Sellers
36″ or 48″ Sizes

Cheat Sheet
What you will need

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Set Time:
For proper curing, please wait a minimum
of 28 days before lighting any fire in
pizza ovens, fireplaces, and fire pits.

Arched Lintel:
All of our outdoor fireplaces
come standard with an arched lintel.

Outdoor Fireplaces

36″ Model

Straight Front Fireplace

36″ Model Specs


  • Height – 73.5″
  • Width – 46″ | 58″
  • Depth – 33″
  • Firebox Width – 33.5″

48″ Model

Arched Front Fireplace

48″ Model Specs


  • Height – 77.5″
  • Width – 58″
  • Depth – 33″
  • Firebox Width – 47.5″

Features & Specs:

Both models available with either straight or arched fronts.

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Veneer Options