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Bring the elegance and durability of granite to your property with a granite bench, bird bath, lamppost or other garden accents. These hand-cut pieces can be the perfect addition to a traditional landscape or outdoor living area.

We also offer mailboxes with our mailbox posts! These aluminum mailboxes are available in several colors and fit perfectly with a wood or granite post.

If you have any questions or you don’t see what you’re looking for, please contact us. We can usually order anything that may not be currently in stock.

Mailbox Posts +

Granite Mailbox Garden Accents

These granite mailbox posts are available with matching aluminum mailboxes, brackets, and post caps.

Bird Baths

Granite Bird Bath Garden Accents

Invite nature into your yard or garden with a granite bird bath.


Garden Bench Garden Accents

Have a seat – we offer a variety of granite benches to make your yard more inviting.

Hitching Posts

Granite Monument Garden Accents

Add some history to your front yard with an antique granite hitching post.

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Garden Accents

Bluestone Compass

Out of stock
$32.99 /BAG

Beach Pebbles

Beach Pebbles | Tan

$24.95 /BAG

Beach Pebbles

Beach Pebbles | White

$24.95 /BAG

Beach Pebbles

Beach Pebbles | Black

$24.95 /BAG
$516.58 /EA

Landscape Stone Accents

White Marble Chips

$5.99 /BAG

Garden Accents

Granite Hitching Post

$238.00 /EA

Garden Accents

Shell-Style Steppers

$14.99 /PC

Garden Accents

Pond Pebbles

$4.99 /BAG

Landscape Stone Accents

All Purpose Sand

$4.54 /BAG

Landscape Stone Accents

All Purpose Stone

$4.05 /BAG
From: $100.00 /EA

Landscape Stone Accents

Post Caps

From: $84.00 /EA
$479.00 /EA

Landscape Stone Accents

Antique Granite Mailbox Posts

$235.00 /EA

Landscape Stone Accents

Granite Lamp Posts

$445.00 /EA

Landscape Stone Accents


$225.00 /EA

Landscape Stone Accents

Granite Mail Box Posts