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What is the difference between Engineered and Laminate Flooring?
Engineered flooring is constructed in layers of wood with a genuine hardwood wear layer on the surface. Today’s laminate flooring is a photographed image of finished hardwood and cannot be refinished.
Do I pay Tax if I buy from out of state?
No. All flooring orders delivered to states other than MA are tax free. We ship to all states across the country.
What is your minimum order?
We ship any size order from 1 bundle (typically about 17sf) to 10,000sf and beyond.
What do you recommend for maintenance?
All flooring types can differ depending on specie and finish. We recommend for your floors that are inexpensive and easy to use. If you are finishing, you can also touch up your floors easier with Rubio Monocoat. We will review these wood flooring maintenance options for you once you make your flooring selection.
Can I install my floor over concrete slab?
Yes! Most engineered floors can be used over a concrete slab. We generally do not recommend using solid wood floors over a slab. Engineered planks and strip wood floors can be glued directly to a clean, dry, well-cured concrete slab. Some engineered wood floors can be glued at the tongue and grooves and then allowed to be floated over a special padding that is laid over the concrete slab. Note: New concrete slabs need to be fully cured for a minimum of 60 days. All wood planks should be acclimated for at least a week prior to installation.
Can I install my floor over radiant heat?
Yes, hardwood flooring can be installed over a radiant heating system. It is also recommended that a rift sawn or quartersawn flooring be used because of its superior dimensional stability. The subfloor the flooring will cover must be thoroughly dry, this can be accomplished by running the heating system for 1 to 2 weeks prior to installation. This will prevent moisture from entering the flooring from the subfloor while the heating system is running. You should make sure that your flooring is thoroughly acclimated prior to installation. As with any hardwood installation, floor performance will depend on the severity of fluctuations in relative humidity throughout all seasons.
What does end matched mean?
End Matching is the process of double end-trimming each plank and through a special process, milling a tongue and groove on the plank ends. End Matching is standard on most flooring products under 8′ long. End matching eliminates the need to cut each plank end, reducing the installation process. Many long length products are not end matched and will require end trimming during installation.
How much should I order for waste?
We recommend that you add 7% to 10% for waste and cuts depending on your job needs and the layout of the area.
What is the typical delivery charge for online orders?
We have shipped to most states…even Hawaii. We determine shipping charges from online orders based on distance from our warehouses, truck locations, and the size, weight, and quantity of the product(s) we ship.
How long will delivery take?
Delivery time is dependent on the item(s) ordered, your location, and our truck schedules. We’ll work as hard as we can with our fleet of trucks and common carrier to deliver your order as soon as possible.
Do you carry wood flooring oil finish?
Yes. We carry the full line of Rubio® Monocoat finishing oils. See colors here.
Can we prevent a floor from gapping or cupping?
Cupping tends to occur when you mix moisture with large wide boards. Consult our installer for more details. Gapping in solid wood floors cannot totally stopped. Wood tends to expand and contract with changes in humidity. Using a humidifier during heating months can reduce the amount of gapping in solid wood floors. Engineered wood floors are generally more stable than solid wood floors and will show less gaps between planks.
What is your warranty on your wood flooring?
We offer many floors from many of the best quality mills. Each has varying warranty coverage. We recommend the following at a minimum.
In accordance with NWFA specifications:

  • Flooring must be acclimated to +/- 2% of subfloor and environment under normal living
  • Wood flooring is a natural product; subtle changes in color, texture and elements of grade
    are normal.
  • Proper installation is mandatory and is the sole responsibility of the installer or owner.
  • Do not install if there is a question of acceptability.
  • Note: Installation of flooring constitutes acceptance of the product.
These are the most commonly asked questions we get and may not include yours. If not, feel free to contact us about your wood floor questions and we will get back to you as soon as possible!