Reclaimed Oak Flooring | Chesapeake Master Bedroom

chesapeake rustic flooring walk in closet

Dave and Diane came to Stonewood Products looking for an eye-catching product; the reclaimed oak flooring they chose set the tone for their master suite rennovation.

Master Suite Renovation

Dave knew exactly where to go to find something unique for their renovation. A Cape Cod general contractor, born and raised, he has been using Stonewood Products for years. His wife Diane’s “shabby chic meets coastal living” style is very particular and it zeroed in on the eye-catching variations of our reclaimed oak flooring Chesapeake.


It flows beautifully up the stairs, to the bedroom and right into the walk-in closet.

They both love the quality of the floor and the random widths it comes in. The texture of the reclaimed oak throughout the differing planks adds a fantastic character to their master suite. With custom stair treads to finish the look, their coastal sanctuary is complete.

Diane was glad they didn’t settle for anything less than this perfect Chesapeake flooring when deciding what they wanted for their master bedroom. We look forward to seeing what they come up with for their next project: the guest bedroom!


Product Used: Chesapeake Reclaimed Oak Flooring