Reclaimed Flooring 101

Reclaim Your Floors

Our reclaimed flooring is some of the most sought after flooring on the market. Not only do you add a piece of history to your home with a reclaimed floor, but reclaimed wood flooring has strength not found in newly sawn lumber. And by using reclaimed wood flooring from old structures, we are all participating in green building, which looks amazing too.

We offer several different types of reclaimed wood flooring – from Oak, both red and white to Antique Heart Pine and Chestnut. Looking for something specific? Contact us and we can help you find it!

Our Reclaimed Chestnut has a naturally rich color from being the frame of a working barn for many years. Crafted by nature, these planks are milled from beams with striking character including worm holes and knots.

The original Town Hall Reclaimed Red Oak was salvaged from beams of a town hall that has seen over 100 annual meetings. Plenty of character from knots and occasional nail holes, this flooring has beautiful tones of red and amber throughout.

Our Heavy Sawn Reclaimed Oak could be a mixture of red and white oak, giving this floor a rustic, mixed character and color hue. The unique saw marks give a truly rustic character that you won’t find on many floors!

Named for the schoolhouse in Connecticut that it was originally milled from, our Schoolhouse Oak is one of our best selling reclaimed floors. The warmth of oak, with the character of reclaimed, this flooring has a story to tell.

Our Martha Mills Collection was our first reclaimed project. This Antique Heart Pine was salvaged from a large textile mill in Georgia that was one of the largest plants in the world at the time of construction. We offer our Martha Mills in several variations, including Select with a nail holes and few knots and Prime, a cleaner look with a tight grain.

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