The Hot Trend in Fire Pits | Add Fire Glass

fire rocks in fire pit mixed

Light more than just a fire

If you have an outdoor gas fire pit, or are looking into buying one, you can’t forget about fire glass. Fire glass will add a depth and brilliance to your fire that lava rocks and gas logs simply can’t match. In addition to enhancing the appearance of your fire, this glass does a great job of hiding unsightly pipes and other hardware. Fire glass is also extremely durable – it won’t break down, discolor, or emit any smoke or fumes, even under the most intense fires.

fire glass blue
fire glass rocks lit

Variety to match any atmosphere

From the subtle warm browns of amber to the brilliantly cool cobalt, we’ve got you covered on variety. Most of our colors are available in quarter or half inch sizes and in either reflective or non-reflective finish. If there’s a color you’d like that you don’t see on our site, please call us! We can usually order it and get it to you quickly. See best sellers here


Fire glass and fire glass beads work great as base material for fish tanks and aquariums!