How to Know Which Pine Plank is for You?

Pine Plank Flooring

When it comes to Pine Plank Flooring, we have seen it all in the past few decades.

From small kitchen re-do’s, 18th/19th century renovations that need to match existing floorboards, to new construction that requires a hard and wide pine board with the right look or a reclaimed pine which sets the tone and adds the unique look and story that our customers desire.

The great thing about our Pine collection is its mostly offered in Plank – 4? wide all the way up to 20? (for Eastern White Pine) with lengths mixed from 6? to 16? long boards.

When you aren’t sure which pine to choose, think about the following:

1. Knot Frequency: Do you like the look of many knots, some knots, or few if any?
2. Variation: Do you want variation in colors on the boards?
3. Grains: Typically, the older the pine, the tighter the grain lines will look
4. Function: Will the floor be near the water or in a high humid area? What about high traffic?
5. Character with Use: Do you want character (marks, dents, etc) to show after use? Does it matter to you?
6. Price: What is your budget range?

These focus areas will help you narrow down the pine flooring that will fit your project best! Contact us anytime for questions.