What is Rubio Monocoat Finish?

Rubio Monocoat is an all natural, easy-to-apply wood finishing oil that is revolutionizing the wood flooring industry!

Available in over 40 colors (including clear), you’re sure to find one that gives your floor the perfect look. It is plant-based and VOC-free so it’s completely non-toxic! Rubio Monocoat is very suitable for treating applications which require quick drying and is applied in one layer, while providing excellent durability and maintainability. This product also works extremely well on industrial applications with both oxidative and UV processes.

What is Rubio made from? Is it non-toxic?

Rubio Monocoat is an all natural oiled flooring finish consisting of engineered waxes and linseed oil. Most notable is that Rubio is non-toxic and completely free of VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds), which can cause ill health effects from long term exposure (even in trace amounts).

How does it hold up to spills?

One of the major benefits of finishing your floor with Rubio is that it should be easily corrected after a spill. Most spills just need a quick wipe and even the worst coffee, soda, or wine spills can be easily corrected with a light sanding and re-coating if addressed within an hour or two.

How durable is it?

Rubio not only holds up to wear and abrasions with impressive durability, but when light to moderate scratches do appear, it’s as easy as a doing quick touch up to hide them. And, only the exposed wood from the scratch will absorb the new oil, so you don’t have to worry about a simple touch-up looking blotchy. Simply dab the scratch and wipe away the excess.

How much maintenance is required?

Rubio is a durable finish and should look new for several years. However, like all flooring finishes, it may need light maintenance after a period of years. The good thing about Rubio is it’s relatively quick and painless. If you do have any areas with a little extra wear, just go over it with another coat and you’re looking like new.

How many colors are there?

We currently carry 40 of the available 46 Rubio colors, so you should be able to find the perfect one. If for whatever reason you can’t, you can actually mix the colors so the color pallet is highly variable.

Rubio Install Photos

Can I apply Rubio to an existing finish on my floor?

Yes, but if you want to apply Rubio to your already-finished floor,
you do have to sand it down to the raw wood first.

How long does it take to cure?

Rubio takes 5 days to cure with the accelerator component (included).

Rubio Monocoat Color Range

Take a Look at all Rubio® Monocoat RMC Oil Plus 2C Finishes below.

Antique Bronze Aqua Ash Grey Biscuit Black

Bourbon Castle Brown Charcoal Cherry Coral Chocolate

Cornsilk Cotton White Dark Oak Gris Belge Havanna

Ice Brown Mahogany Mist Mist 5% Mudlight

Natural Oak Olive Oyster Pine

Pure Savanna Silver-Grey Sky Grey Slate Grey

Smoke Smoke 5% Smoked Oak Stone Super White

Titanium Grey Vanilla Walnut White White 5%

In need of a personalized look for your project?

The RMC Precolor series allows you to create unique color effects. These pre-colors are designed to be used in combination with oil and may also be coated with lacquer finishes. All colors within the RMC Precolor Easy series can be mixed and diluted with water, which allows you to produce almost any finish color desired.

Take a Look at all Rubio® Monocoat Precolor Easy Finishes below.
Alpaca White Antique Beige Cashmere Brown Intense Black Intense Grey

Mint White Monsoon Grey Mystic Brown Nordic White Pebble Grey

Smoked Brown Urban Grey Vanilla Cream Vintage Brown

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