Show off and win!

At Stonewood, we are always looking for new images of our products to be used on our website or promotional materials. If you’ve recently had Stonewood Products installed at your house, we’d love to see it! Send us your photos and we’ll give you a chance to win a $500 gift certificate for future Stonewood purchases. (Drawings to be held every 6 months.)

Below are some tips and information for you to use to take the best pictures possible, even if it’s just with your phone.

Resolution: Make sure that your phone or camera is set to the highest resolution or picture quality setting, otherwise photos may come out grainy or blurry. If you are using a phone, don’t use the zoom function of the phone, but instead move closer.

Staging: Keep it simple. Remove any area rugs or clutter from the room.

Lighting: Use the natural light in your house. Pull back any shades or curtains. If more light is still needed, consider turning on some interior lights, but do not use a flash.
For outside photos: shoot the east-side in the morning and the west-side in the afternoon. North and south can be shot whenever the light is bright.

Composition: Pick your focus and hold your camera straight and still. Use a tripod if you have access to one. Try not to tilt your camera or phone up or down as this can distort the lines of the room. Try photographing your room from many angles, at different types of day (or night!). Take more photos then you think you need. You never know which is going to be the best shot!

Esplanade Flooring Corinthian Granite Fire Pit