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Hi. I’m Matt.

Matt Laman
Contractor + Commercial Sales
508-430-5020 x141
Email: [email protected]
My Favorite Stonewood Products
Floor: Auburndale  |  Stone: Tumbled Bluestone  |  Wood: Barn Wood

“Love the life you live. Live the life you love.”
-Bob Marley

About Me

Born and raised on the Cape, with an experience in construction & landscaping an an education in business, it feels like Stonewood was meant for me. I love working with customers across the country, love being around friends/family, and all things about the beach (that means sharks too!)

My Design Style and Approach

I like to discuss the project and get a feel for the space we create together.  My role here is to match the right look and stock to your “vision”.  Personally I love to try to find something unique that will WOW! when completed.

My Favorite Project | Commercial use of Auburndale

Commercial Floor – Burrito Shop

When the best burrito shop needed to launch its new location, they came to us wanting it to look like it had been there forever.  I knew exactly the wood floor for them, Auburndale.  They fell in love with it due to the heavy sawn marks within the stock, pre-oil finish creates an ease of maintenance, they even chose it for wallboarding along the counter and coffee station.

What I liked about the Project:

  • Working with a strong brand.
  • Helping commercial project within a tight timeline.
  • Using Auburndale in multiple applications.